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Hello Blog Viewers!

I would really love to hear ur opinions and topics you would like to see in this blog.I would want this to be a VERY UNIQUE BLOG

If u don't mind, please take few seconds to comment ur opinions and ideas.

I want this blog to be useful to all ages.

So all ur comments are very much appreciated.Please pass this massage to everyone u know.U can post ur comments in Telugu,English and Hindi as well.

Please pass this message to everyone u know.

Thank You

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  1. hi madhuri gaaru....happy 2c u starting this blog even though u stopped the previous one. ayurvedam is one of the greatest gifts given 2us by our elders and u took the initiative of spreading it to all is a very good thing to appreciate. i, as a mother would love 2know abt tips 4mother & child. hope 2c u soon! wish u all the very best!!

  2. Hello Anitha garu!

    I'm even happier to see u comment on this blog.Ya, I know and its very true.

    I know how we mothers always search for tips to good health of children coz I'm mother too.Ya c u soon as well.U can share ur ideas and views on the topics u wud want to see.And plz pass this msg to everyone u know.

  3. dear madhuri

    All the best, much needed blog, love the name. looking forward to all the tips, you did such a good job withe other blog i am sure you will do gr8 with this one. this is your yoga freind usha from california.

  4. Hello Usha garu!

    Thank u so much for ur wishes.Oh plz..... I did a very small part of helping others, actually it was the almighty behind this all the way.Ya, I do remember u Usha garu as my Yoga friend.How r u doing?Nice to hear from u after so long.

    Thanks again for the lovely support

  5. Hi and Namaskaram,
    Just checking how to post a comment here
    -- Lakshmi.

  6. Hello and Namaskaram to u too,

    Sorry for delay reply.Thanks for ur lovely tips and all.Ya sure but need some time so I could organise the blog and then u can go ahead with all ur wonderful tips and ideas.

    I really appreciate u taking time to comment.